End of Hiatus

Following my last post as an intern in 2013, I am reviving my blog to showcase my fundamental research.

Since that post several years ago, I went on to become a full employee with Asia Briefing before returning to the U.S. in 2015 to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago and pursue a Master of Science in Finance degree, which I received this month.

It is amazing to look back at my previous posts to see how far I have come. In those days, my fundamental analysis simply involved comparing ratios across time and companies. Today, I can perform a full pro forma forecast and discounted cash flow/abnormal earnings valuation, with an eye on industry pressures and competitive advantages.

Learning is a life-long process, and seeing how far I’ve come in just a few years’ time is motivation to keep moving forward while refining my skills.

Over the next few months, I plan to post several valuation book reviews, as well as post my own valuation models and intrinsic value estimates.


Asia Briefing Editorial Internship- Shanghai

I am currently in Shanghai for a 6-month editorial internship with Asia Briefing. Asia Briefing is a business and regulatory news publication focused on China, India, and the ASEAN countries. As an editorial intern, I research and write 3-5 articles each week related to business and regulatory developments in this region of the world. We have several publishing platforms, including Asia Briefing, India Briefing, Vietnam Briefing, and ASEAN Briefing.

Asia Briefing is a Dezan Shira & Associates Group Company. Dezan Shira provides foreign direct investment consultancy for companies looking to do business in Asia.

I have already had the opportunity to research many interesting topics and publish several articles. Here are some pieces I contributed to this month:

India-China Relations Strengthened Through Investment Agreements

Economic Advisory Council’s Review of the Indian Economy

Tax Amendments Receive Approval in India

People’s Bank of China to Facilitate RMB Exchange in London

Key Sectors for FDI in India: Manufacturing and Energy

China Reaches Deal with U.S. Audit Regulators

ASEAN SMEs Bolstered After Singapore-Japan MOU

India Strengthens Ties with Asia Pacific Nations

Bill Brings Greater Regulation to India’s Real Estate Sector

India Raises Import Duty on Gold and Platinum

India and Myanmar Increase Investment and Trade Relations

India Addresses Infrastructure Worries

Update: I am now 4 months into my internship and am having a great time! I was promoted to Senior Editorial Intern, a role that gives me more responsibility on longer-term projects and the opportunity to advise our new interns. I have continued to published articles each week and have even had some syndicated by other financial news providers.

Here is a list of what I have been publishing lately:

India Extends Jammu and Kashmir’s Industrial Incentive Package

India and Pakistan Discuss Trade Relations

Vietnam and China Ink Bilateral Trade and Investment Initiatives

China and Taiwan Ink Service Trade Agreement

Special Economic Zones in Myanmar

China to Consider Code of Conduct in the South China Sea

India Ranked 14th most Attractive Location for Retail

Indian SEZs Receive Service Tax Exemption

Prime “Grade A” Office Rental Prices in China

ASEAN-India Center to Boost Economic and Cultural Relations

Vietnam and Indonesia Enter Strategic Partnership

Vietnam Lowers Requirements for Preferential Customs Treatment

Reserve Bank of India Clarifies FDI Classifications

National Wage Council Established in Vietnam, Minimum Wage Rises

India Releases Extensive FDI Reforms for Foreign Investors

Singapore Seeks to Expand its RMB Market

McDonald’s Expands Into Vietnam

United States-India Trade Relations

M&A Deals to See Continued Growth in Vietnam

Philippines to Lead Economic Growth in ASEAN

New State Established in India

Vietnam Addresses Trade Deficit with China

Singapore Increases GDP Forecast

Myanmar Approves Plans for New International Airport

Vietnam Cracks Down on Securities Fraud

ASEAN Automobile Market to See Continued Growth

India Drafts Safe Harbor Policy to Reduce Transfer Pricing Disputes

India Fines Singapore’s Temasek Holdings

India to Introduce Industrial Cluster Competitiveness Index

India Establishes New “One Person Company” Category

Positive Outlook in Asean for American Companies

Positive Outlook for European Companies Operating in Vietnam

Rental Cars- Hertz & Avis: HTZ CAR



These two car rental companies were mentioned in the Friday edition of Investors Business Daily in  an article about stocks touching their 50 day moving averages. As this is a likely point to buy strong companies as they bounce off their moving average to move higher, I decided to take a look into the fundamentals of these companies. What can one say but “blah.” Lots of debt, poor margins, and vacillating earnings. As someone with the luxury of being a selective investor, this is an industry group I will pass up.

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