Back from vacation- time to look towards the future.

I plan to focus my energies during the next few months on nailing down discounted cash flows as well as digging into several sectors. Oil & Gas has my interest right now, but I also want to look into consumer goods and other such things.

As a recent college graduate, I am hard at work looking for a job. Hopefully somewhere in Europe or Hong Kong. If I can’t find anything, I plan to spend the next year in Beijing to continue improving my Chinese. After that, I will probably start an MBA program… but I am really ready to start my career now (have to lay the foundation first though).

I have family in town visiting this week, so I will be pretty busy for the next few days. But next week I hope to start looking at more oil & gas companies as well as adding a few more things to my spreadsheet layout.

Every day I learn something new is an exciting day- what a wonderful life!


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