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To the Delight of a Psychology Major…


“Last, but not least, I am always asked how to prepare for investing. First, a college-level statistics course of the type given in the psychology department will provide you with the foundation you need to understand the numbers you are working with. Second, a few basic psychology courses will shed some light on the workings of the market, especially if one of them is a course in mass psychology.”

-John Bollinger

from Bollinger on Bollinger Bands

CFA Results!


After a long wait, the CFA test results finally arrived- I passed! Three months of intense study has finally paid off in a tangible way. For me, this is a huge success and confidence booster. With a degree in psychology, I approached the finance world feeling like an outsider on shaky ground. Now I have proven that this is something I can succeed at. This was a wonderful validation, and great motivation to continue with my studies.

Pursuing my passion, and enjoying every moment!

Back to Work

Last week, an intense three months of study finally culminated in taking the Level 1 CFA test. It will still be a month before I hear the results, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start applying what I learned. I am in the process of updating my spreadsheet to incorporate some new categories (expanded DuPont analysis and industry averages) and am looking forward to getting back into some fundamental analysis!


I will be taking a brief hiatus from posting while I study for the CFA level I test. There are several changes and additions that I need to make to my current spreadsheet layout. As I study financial reporting for the CFA, I should have a better idea of what needs to be improved, added, or deleted. Hopefully I will be back to analyzing companies in a month. So many companies, so little time!

On a side note, I am thoroughly enjoying the CFA level I content. I am pleased to find that most of it is a review of things I have studied on my own or learned during my statistics courses as a psychology student. It is still a lot of work, but quite enjoyable.